Upcoming Events

  • Semelé


    Beloved of Jupiter, she is not satisfied. Semele challenges her lover to reveal his godliness and is destroyed in the process. Here is Elizabeth Jacquet de la Guerre’s cantata Semele

  • Latino Love Affair

    Latino Love Affair

    His playing has been described as ‘dazzling’, and ‘bristling with creativity and emotion’ - and he is back with us in 2018!

  • Bach's Gamba Sonatas

    Bach's Gamba Sonatas

    Complex, intricate and infinitely varied, Bach’s sonatas for viola da gamba and harpsichord are probably less well-known than the cello suites

  • The Toybox

    The Toybox

    Here is a project close to my heart. A Ballet - for children. By Debussy. A complete piano score, entrancingly illustrated, but never orchestrated by him.