Poems and Lyrics

Walking on Wildflowers

Sunset Nature Reserve 10 km out of Broken Hill. It had rained the day before, but it was the rain a month ago that brought about these changes... ..

The Apartment Block

The birds in the orchard at Feldon are an endless source of pleasure. Outside the front bedroom window is an enormous Cyprus tree. The traffic of ..

Flying Doctor

This poem came about as the result of a brain-storming session with one of the Flying Doctors for the RFDS. i asked him to tell me what images spr..

Three poems by Angus Ryan

Angus wrote these poems in 2012 while studying Philosophy. The idea came to him on a flight from Indonesia while reading W. G. Sebald. He reflect..

Summer Hue

Anne's inspiration for Goldfish through summer rain A Summer Hue by KS Kim After the rain The blue sky came upon the pond, So did the summer m..