Beloved of Jupiter, she is not satisfied. Semele challenges her lover to reveal his godliness and is destroyed in the process. Here is Elizabeth Jacquet de la Guerre’s cantata Semele, a tale of ambition, doubt, vanity and dissatisfaction. Acclaimed soprano Anna Fraser renders this horrifying story in the French style – refined, lush and perfect. Together with trio sonatas by Rebel and Marais, this is music of the best quality from the reign of Louis XIV.

Announcement: Soprano Anna Fraser was forced to withdraw from this event. She is replaced by lyric soprano Amy Moore. With her are Stephen Freeman, Shaun Warden (violins), Shaun Ng (viola da gamba) and Diana Weston (harpsichord).

Where & When

March 11 @ 3 pm at Mosman Art Gallery

March 18 @ 5.30pm at The Rose Room, 51F Sunninghill Ave, Burradoo.

Bookings: $30/$25 or ring 0411 375 821